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In vitro Fertilization: The Only Solution to Infertility?

Recenlty it has been vastly observed that many couples, who wish to have children, experience difficulties. Thus, a growing number of prospective parents without pathological causes detected, despite the repeated tests and long-term failed childbirth attempts, eventually resort to in vitro fertilization.

There are many reasons that lead 1/5 couples to in vitro fertilization even without a diagnosis of pathological issues. The modern stressful lifestyle, the environmental toxicity and other factors such as smoking are usually held responsible. A factor that is almost never taken into account nor evaluated, is the normal hormone decline of the human body from the age of 25.

Young couples between the ages of 25 and 40, who cope with such difficulties, either cannot conceive, or experience frequent miscarriages. As a result, they enter into a process of intense psychological pressure and physical stress, further burdened by their ineffective efforts.

The important factor that’s also not taken into account or evaluated accordingly is how the Hormone imbalance affects childbearing.

Hormones determine the proper functioning of the female body as a whole. They facilitate cell communication and affect cells, tissues and organs while determining the menstrual flow and the body’s ability to ovulate. Besides, hormones determine our emotion to a great extent.

Therefore, any Hormone imbalance, where hormone levels deviate from the optimal values for each age, is responsible for a host of medical issues that manifest throughout life. It has been measured, researched and proven in detail which these optimal values are, how they should fluctuate cyclically, in order to secure the conditions for the ovum (egg) to be released and be able to get fertilized.

The abstract and general approach of “yes, you are healthy, but unfortunately you cannot have children” is only an excuse for the poor assessment of the ideal conditions of the female endocrine system.

It is very important, therefore, to understand that the early detection of any possible hormone imbalance and its targeted recovery can ensure a woman’s natural pregnancy. Restoring women’s health and hormone System to the best possible levels can both ensure natural conception and its normal development.


Natural Hormones and Infertility

Hormone balance and restoration of the body at its optimal hormone levels can only be achieved through enhancement with Hormones, using the same ones as those produced naturally by the human body. In this way, menstruation is normalized and the ovulation process is restored. Thus, the ovum is able to be released and fertilized in a completely natural way.

At the same time, the underlying Diseases that lurk in the body are eliminated and the person’s overall good health is gradually restored. Thus, the couple is able to have children without struggling for a long time. It’s extremely important to note that by maintaining the hormone balance at its optimal levels during pregnancy, smooth development can be ensured.

There are cases that, even within six months, hormone imbalances have been restored. This also reduces the cost of useless or continuous and repeated replacement therapies, which do not seem to solve the problem.
Finally, by restoring hormone balance in the body, the couple can regain its composure and get rid of the daily stress created by Infertility.

Finally, by restoring hormonal balance in the body, the couple can regain its composure and get rid of the daily stress created by Infertility.

Of course, it is absolutely crucial to initially carry out the essential and specified diagnostic tests, before the childbirth process and efforts even begin.