Human Resources

We, IATOR Medical Unit, emphasize the high scientific level, professional experience and personal ethics. We select our executives with strict criteria and invest in them.

Human resources are the most valuable asset of our Medical Unit. It consists of distinguished Medical, Administrative, Paramedical and Technical – Auxiliary staff, excellently trained and with many years of experience in the field of Health.

We have selected executives, with vision, experience, knowledge, integrity, team spirit, able to successfully deal with each incident and respond by doing their best following the developments of the new era.

We strengthen teamwork and cooperation through the presence of a pleasant and friendly work environment, fulfilling our primary goal, the provision of high quality Medical Services.

We respect and believe in the value of human resources. We know that the key to success in all areas is people. We welcome patients with a smile, listen to their needs and take care of them with love and understanding.