Micro-Macronutrients Treatment


Treatment of Micro-Macronutrients (Micro-Macro-Nutrients)

It includes the administration of special supplements, vitamins, trace elements, metals, amino acids and the treatment can be combined with a special diet.

The treatment is based on any deficiencies, dysfunctions and biochemical imbalances at the cellular level.


The nutrients in food act as key stimuli that determine whether or not the cell is functioning properly.

At the molecular level, the interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactive elements affects the genes and these in turn affect the expression of proteins, that is metabolism.

Simply put, the lack of specific nutrients, through the chemical reactions that are necessary for the body, gradually leads to the disease and is the cause of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Therapeutic Protocols of Micronutrients – treatments.

Biochemical diversion at the level of organ function in patients with chronic and autoimmune diseases can be restored. After relevant biochemical or metabolic tests, the malfunctions are detected and the existing deficiencies are identified. There are many tests that we have at our disposal, depending on the medical history, in order to finally determine the treatment. Most of them have affordable costs and the results are ready in two to three days.

The Micronutrient protocols, according to US Standards, differ in terms of chronic or autoimmune disease, as well as a variety of other factors. So they strictly determine the dosage, duration, amount and combination of ingredients (recipe) per person.

The treatment, depending on the disease or the diseases, on the extent of the damage and the individual findings, can last from three months to a year in order to be achieved the full restore clinical picture of the patient.

The patients do not change their daily routine, while gradually seeing it improve, along with the overall physical condition of their health.

These treatments have been used in clinical practice since 1997 in the United States of America and do not contradict any parallel medication or homeopathy.

Appropriate treatment is the one that ultimately provides the best possible benefit, according to the clinical outcomes and the relevant exam markers.